Which comics do you generally prefer between DC and Marvel?

Marvel's books are way written way better and the art is of a much high caliber but I prefer DC's characters and thus force myself to enjoy them more instead. Unfortunately DC follows a very formulaic style with all of its stories and the writers take themselves way too seriously which reduces the quality of the experience.

In general I've come to realise that superheroes are crazy assholes obsessed with escaping into an alter-ego to beat people up under the guise of do-goodery. This is especially prevalent at times when a character has just left the hospital and he's standing on a rooftop somewhere thinking dramatically to himself "I won't let this happen... Not in MY city." I'm like goddamn... Go home and take a fuckin nap or something bro. They're like honest to God addicts or junkies. The more I read Batman or Daredevil these days the more I think Billy Butcher and The Boys are right. It might be because I'm getting older and can't take it all as seriously as I used to. But I think it's also the fault of writers that are subsumed by the superhero-formula.

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