Which current team at the bottom of their division, do you think has the best shot of winning their division next year?

Honestly I don’t really see much upside with any of them...

Redskins: Weak division, but they’re clearly not poised to make a run, and don’t have the talent or depth to compete with the cowboys or eagles. They need to draft chase young or something and bolster their lines before they can take the leap.

Cardinals: They have a lot of upside, but sadly are in the toughest division in football, so I don’t really see much room to grow there. If kyler continues to develop and the offense improves, they could definitely be better than the rams next year. I just don’t see them outplaying the 49ers or seahawks.

Lions: Once again, lacking the talent to make that leap. They’re faulty at quarterback, and have the Vikings and packers at the top of their division.

Panthers: I could see them advancing a little bit. After all, they do start every year looking like a playoff contender, but fall off the face of the earth towards the middle of the season. If they develop a quarterback like Will Grier or Kyle Allen, then maybe they can catch a wildcard. Really don’t see them surpassing the Saints.

Dolphins: I mean, who knows what they’re gonna do in this draft. If Tua or whoever is the next joe montana, then maybe they would have a little shot, but the patriots have won that division too many years to be beaten by the dolphins next year

Chargers: I could legitimately see them making a leap. Of the teams on this list, I think they are the most likely to do so. If rivers can string together a semi decent season, they have the weapons on offense to be at the top of the league, and if their defense can stay healthy, they have one of the best young cores on that side of the ball. This would obviously entail a regression of the chiefs, but anything is possible.

Bengals: No. the only way they outplay the ravens next year is if joe burrow is some sort of Jesus figure and literally puts the franchise on his back.

Jaguars: they have some upside. Talent at the skill positions on offense. I just don’t think this team is deep enough (with foles or minshew) to compete with the Texans, colts or titans. Though it’s a semi weak division, I don’t see them taking the leap.

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