Which dog breed do you like the most?

Breeding brachycephalic dogs is so cruel, IMO. Why do people think it's cute? Oh, this dog can't breathe and has eye issues but isn't it cuuuuute? No.

But it's also cruel to breed fighting dogs and we do that anyway too. My least favorite breed is human. We are the worst.

But I've raised 2 golden retrievers and they are wonderful dogs. Can't beat that golden temperament. There is a study being done to try to figure out why they are so prone to cancer. I hope they have an answer some day soon. Those dogs are wonderful and they deserve long, healthy lives.

I'll always have a golden. They're loving, athletic, gentle and my favorite trait, goofy as fuck. Ours makes me laugh every day.

Always do your research and choose a breeder who is doing it for the health and temperament and love of the breed, not as a cash grab. They're hard to find but they are out there.

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