Which era of Dillinger do you prefer?

I see your point, but then again if I want to listen to a batshit-insanity-over the top TDEP song I tend to go to their later albums and songs like f.e. "Endless Endings".

Some earlier songs also deliver that speed & heaviness but for me the band managed to get even crazier/more progressive in terms of their overall arrangements, which to me kinda adds to the whole aggressivenes of their sound.

I also love Pennie's tight straight-forward approach but in their earlier works (excluding I.I.A.D.S) the instruments tend to stick together with their movements which to me kinda makes them less intensive compared to their later albums.

Concerning the fast part, to me it feels like with every new album they succesfully manage to further reduce the amount of shared accents so everyone has space to do f.e. counter-rhythms.

Their music is turning into a beautiful nightmare of Miles Davis on steroids doing mathcore acrobatics.

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