Which gacha difficulty seems well balanced?

I played arknights and a bunch on units are just making stages a joke in my opinion.

Silverash has a crap ton of AOE damage on S3 and his S2 makes him like helagur with a lot of passive regen so he can solo a lane.On top of that he passively removes the hidden status on enemies in his range.

Cuora has a 85%buff to her defense on S2 and has regen.

Thorns has a crap ton of range on S3 (as much as silverash) deals arts damage poisons enemies and his skill doesnt run out.

Even Gravel on her S2 gains enough health on deploy to tank a rocket.

Not to mention limited units like NIAN with her bulllshit 100% def buff silence(blocks special ability of enemies) and arts damage (bypasses def)

Or Surtr who literaly becomes imortal for 20s and deals AOE arts damage enough to 1v1 bosses)

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