Which gaming websites deliver the best quality content?

Atm for me, I have just realised since you ask... none whatsoever.

I used to frequent a lot, escapist... but that sort of got hollow, I dunno... it just felt empty and soulless after a while, I think a bunch of people left or something, it's been so long I can't remember. Kotaku... well, we all know what happened there, I no longer frequent any Gawker property on principle.

I actually get most of my news etc from various youtube sources nowadays. A lot of independent people and a handful of more corporate sources. I am fond of Inside Gaming (machinima) but look at it as more shits n giggles than anything else.

I am not a big fan of ign but I do enjoy their Beyond show. I watch Jim Sterling a bit but that's more out of habit than anything else. Angry Joe is good for reviews, he seems to have the same sentiments and expectations as I do... the "average gamer on the street" perspective. Boogie is good, honest and rational (Francis is good too, giving voice to our inner nerd rage).

Jesus, now that you bring it up I realise the state of mainstream games journalism is kinda... well, kind of shit tbh. I am hard pressed to think of any outlet that hasn't been touched by controversy or weirdness in some way.

I find myself post-GG (are we actually post gamergate yet?) cobbling together my news and reviews from a disparate rag tag selection of sources... I have no "go to" big mainstream source anymore.

I get my info from individuals now, gaming news by the people for the people because I don't trust Big Gaming Journals to be objective anymore (not saying all these individuals are objective either, I disagree strongly with some of their actions, Sterling and the DoA drama for example).

It just sort of happened, I never even thought about it tbh until you posted this.

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