Which high school friend took a path you didn't expect?

A group of friends and I used to give eachother a [heads-up] nod when Ashley was within our radars in the schools courtyard. Anytime one of us saw her within 50 feet of one of us, we would usually just nod our heads and call out Ashleys location, EG: "Look, theres Ashley, under the ramada, near the 3rd picnic table on the left.", and then we would all just stare at her. Then after she was out of site again, it was like time continued on from a stand-still and my friends and I would continue on with whatever else we were bullshitting about. There really wasn't anything specific that stood out about Ashley besides these sightings that were just special to us all for some strange reason. None of us had a shared class with her, so we knew absolutely nothing about her. My friends and I found it to be important to point out Ashleys location anytime she was in eyesite of one of us in our high school courtyard.

Later on in life I was curious about Ashley, and I decided to google search her name and I found out that Ashley became a member of The Pussycat Dolls!


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