Which legendary Reddit post / comment can you still not get over?

And that was already after at least 2 increases on the cap. I remember when roughly 2k upvotes was the cap and incredibly uncommon. I've always been a bit torn on the weighting system but usually come out in favor as it promotes a certainly level of equity to subs and at least the lower caps gave smaller subs more of a fighting chance to organically grow.

Not to say that even back in the day that subs didn't need an opportune moment, and a popular askreddit thread was usually it. I remember the thread in which /r/purplecoco was created, someone put the /r/ in while on autopilot when trying to mention /u/purplecoco (and those were just a courtesy back then, only people with gold received notifications of username mentions), coco joked that he wished the sub was real, someone created the sub as a joke (minutes before I saw the comment and had the same idea) and it kind of took off. I actually made the very first post on that sub!

I'm actually not sure how that sub managed to survive and grow into a decently sized userbase. I remember also creating /r/willitcrush which spawned from some dude with a hydraulic press before the whole hydraulic press thing really took off. That one didn't make it.

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