Which mistake did you make as a teenager is still biting you in the ass until now?

Not studying properly. I was a good high school student, top of my class with an average 4.0 gpa (US equivalent), and I never studied. Not because I was something extraordinary or anything, I just had somewhat of a good short term memory and I paid attention in class. We'd have tests pretty frequently, and a lot of the time I wouldn't even look at my notes before them.

This mindset bit me in the ass in uni. In university there's much more to learn, and not only is the material more complex, but many professors weren't great at lecturing. We didn't have frequent tests, so my short term memory was useless. Instead, we had finals at the end of our semesters. I couldn't focus in class because of depression, I couldn't study at home because of a combination of depression and procrastination, and I ended up dropping out.

Unless you have an eidetic memory, you have to study. I was unlucky enough to be born with aphantasia (I can't imagine anything), which made my memory even more miserable.

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