Which is more believable?

I literally said we could get into so much more than the name but it starts from there. You guys say you don’t approve of those people, but the very toxic people who identify as feminists are not challenged at all in your group. They are allowed to roam free and spew toxicity in the name of feminism and other feminists do nothing about it. I’m not misguided or mislabeling anyone. There are toxic feminists and toxic women for that matter who get no media attention the way men do. Men are berated on anything now because of “feminism”. I’m not talking about sexual assault or anything worth berating someone on, I’m talking about the petty arguments like “mansplaining” and having too many males in one work place. Being any bit masculine is considered a threat to toxic feminists, and being a male makes you uncomfortable to be around people who act and think like this. But feminism has done nothing to help its own toxicity beyond just saying “Sweetie, those aren’t real feminists.” You guys can disagree with me all you want, but both of you went after me for critiquing feminism. Which is exactly the mindset of toxic feminists; automatically attacking anyone who goes against it. The other dude who replied to me saying I need to do critical thinking is a great example. Arguing is perfectly okay, but it instantly turned into belittling me in the name of feminism, which isn’t anything new, just worth pointing out. He even went so far as to say that I probably believe that all Muslims are violent and that all Japanese people draw manga. If that’s not putting racism in my mouth idk what is. Now is that dude still a feminist even after being this toxic? Or do you not care and will you just ignore him like the other toxic ones.

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