Which Naruto character do you hate but everyone else seems to love?

Alright let's do this again

"Don't call her Genin level, you're making a joke out of yourself"

Well then name one Konoha 12 (Shippuden versions) member that she actually has a chance of winning against. Even Genin Kiba could beat her, fight me. Or better, tell me how Ino would fare in a battle on her own. Haven't read those novels btw.

"You're just butthurt cause Ino is the new interrogator"

You're the one who's butthurt here just because not everyone around here loves Ino. Again, I haven't seen an official statement saying that she's the best interrogator.

"Where were all those clan members?"

Your argument there doesn't counter mine. I'll say it again. She's real good on her telepathy but that doesn't make her strong. How's telepathy gonna help you in a 1v1?

"She uses poison in some sort of anaesthetic weapon blah blah. Magire got stabbed blah blah"

Wait, who tf is Magire? Again, haven't read the novels. Tell me where you read that stuff.

"Enough evidence on ch28"

I guess I need to read/watch Boruto now to see it for myself.

"She defeated Sai"

Bruh my boy Sai wasn't even using 20% of his power on that one. He didn't use his small sword, he didn't try to fly, he didn't use his ink drawing spam, he was just standing there and talking random shit to Ino and was like "Oh hey you weak bitch, I'll just stand here waiting for your Mind Transfer". That's just a creative way of getting a hot gf if you ask me.

"She saved Choji by pushing him away"


"She controlled two Zetsus and fought Asuma"

For five seconds? That's not really fighting, more like Ino stalling him a bit. If the fight went on any longer with Ino controlling those Zetsus, she'll be minced meat.

"Sakura Hiden"

Haven't read the novels yet sorry.

"Your entire last paragraph goes here"

My point is, you can't be Jonin if you are weak. Jonins lead Genin Teams. What's Ino gonna do if some Akatsuki lvl prick attacks her squad? Telepathy? Mind Transfer? Sensing Tech? That ain't killing anyone. You're putting someone weak like Ino in the same rank as people like Lee? Or even Sakura? Dude she's way too fodder to be Jonin. Tokubetsu? Sure, Ebisu was a fodder after all. I guess they can be in the same rank.

"Does support mean nothing to haters?"

I don't hate her for being a support. I hate because of her personality. Let me repeat this. I don't hate her abilities but I don't think she deserves to be a Jonin unlike other people claim.

"She's worth more than most of the Konoha 12"

Probably the only fact you said in a while but that ain't changing her shitty personality for most of the series.

"She was born from a weak clan"

Dude, Sakura and Lee weren't born from a good clan. And what do they do? They train and now, they're undoubtedly Jonin lvl.

Her clan has nothing to do with this. If Ino actually trained for a cool Mind Jutsu (Mind Destruction) rather than fantasizing over Sasuke or putting on those clothes, maybe she'd be a lot better and stronger as a character.

My fault is downplaying her a bit. Sure I get that but she ain't strong. Give me a scene if you believe other wise.

I'll read a bit about her. Need to see those poison stuff you're saying.

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