Which part is actually engaging? (No dungeon finder)

There's no deep conversations about our struggles and the meaning of life, if that's what you're after? Like the guy you're responding too, the number of groups I've been in that actually doesn't talk at all is extremely low. I might not always engage in it much myself, depending on how talkative I'm feeling, but if I make an effort I'll most likely make a friend during a dungeon run, often several.

From playing a few different servers, you might be on a bad one if this is something you run into a lot. I switched to a PvE server as the communities there are more social and less sweaty. Been in several groups on PvP servers where one or more members went into a ragefit because people were "writing in chat instead of playing the game". When that's the kind of people you keep meeting in game, you stop trying to communicate with them.

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