Which socially acceptable addiction would you like to get rid of the most? Why?

Oh, same. I’ve wasted so much time online and worrying about the opinions of strangers or people with whom I had a very superficial relationship that felt intense due to the level of access and immediacy you get online.

I was a semi-popular content producer in an extremely small and specific fandom the year I moved away from home and I genuinely think it damaged my ability to relate to people irl because the closeness of a single person just can’t compete with the intensity of the numerically rated attention and approval of hundreds of people. I am literally at all times trying to process and package my experiences into a consumable format even though I barely use social media anymore. But I’m not sure that’s even particularly unusual anymore, given that the younger generation gets plugged into social media so early. Teenagers please feel free to correct me though I’m wildly out of touch.

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