Which subculture annoys you the most?

The worst fucking thing is that it's because of how white people have been so oppressive to black people, they've literally made it so that black people now think that 'being black' is all they can do, being illiterate is the only way to be, and living a life of crime and drugs is cool. It's been so drilled in systematically that black people legitimately think like that and I find that so disgusting.

As a white person I sincerely apologise and if you're one of those people that thinks that 'being white' isn't cool, firstly, there's no such thing as 'being white' or 'being black', please wake up, read, educate yourself. Don't be beaten down by institutional racism, don't deprive yourself, you can be better. I know you are better, and you probably know deep down that you're better, you don't need to waste your life just because society says you do, you can be whatever you want to be, black, white, it doesn't fucking matter.

This is where a lot of white people get offended, because they don't realise that their ancestors made you think that way, they don't realise that it's not about what's cool, it's actually about the fact that your race has been oppressed so much that you think that you can't be better than someone living their lives on the streets. Again, if you feel like you don't know what I'm talking about here, if you're a white person and you feel offended, go and fucking read. Read the autobiography of Malcolm X, learn about how black people used to 'conk' their hair so that they looked white, learn about how mixed race people would think that they're better than black people because at least they've got some white in them, it's done a flip-flop now, and that suggests to me that racism isn't going away, it's getting worse. So many black and brown people actually believe that all they can do is spend their lives in the 'hood slinging drugs, because there's nothing else for them to do, and to do anything else would be 'white', that's not correct. Read, make something of yourself, you're above that and conforming to that is letting the white man win.

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