Which trade/UFA signing that happened this offseason do you think will boost traded/signed player to a good season?

If the Flyers signed Hayes for like $6.5M/AAV for 6Y with the same limited No Trade Clause (3 years then expires) everyone would say "Great job Flyers!"

But because they "overpaid" by $600k/yr -- a total of a measly $1.8M over three years -- so many people now say the trade will kill the Flyers. It's insane!

He was on pace for 68 points with the Rangers last year (42 pts in 51 games) before getting traded to Winnipeg. As a Flyers fan I'd be very happy if he averages 65 points the next three seasons, and I think he'll do just about that, if not slightly better. At that point his NTC expires and the Flyers can trade him, if they even want to.

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