Which video games are so unique in their game-play that they are truly alone in their own genre?

Tribes: Ascend - An FPS unlike any other.

They give you jetpacks and the ability to ski/float frictionless on the ground - which allows you to fly around gaining momentum if you do it right. Things can get crazy fast, it's actually really intense and I've never seen another game use that before.

The flying is what sold me on it- but also worthy of note is how guns work in that game. When you shoot a bullet at someone, it takes time for that bullet to reach them - based on your speed, angle, so on. So this makes aiming and dodging attacks much, MUCH more interesting.

The set up is pretty simple, there's a few different categories of servers - like game objectives. My favorite is Capture-the-Flag, each side has a base and a flag and the goal is to capture the enemy flag. You can imagine flying around at maximum with people chasing you, crazy bullets everywhere, explosions, so on.

But what also makes Tribes really neat is all the different "classes" you can play, each with different weapons, shape and mass. They got big slow guys, they got medium guys, and small guys, they even have a spy guy who can go invisible. There really is a class for everyone. But this isn't unlike Team Fortress 2, or DOTA, or LoL- so on. It was just worthy of note.

But yeah, the shame is Tribes is no longer being developed. They still have servers online and it's free to play, but eventually it'll die out - probably in the next year or two.

I think the reason why is because Tribes has an incredibly steep learning curve. It's hard for a new player to hop in and play with people who have been playing for years, who've mastered how to fly/juke/chain shoot you. So that can be frustrating to deal with.

But regardless of the learning curve, the flying makes Tribes a game that's truly alone in it's genre.

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