Which villager do you consider your best friend?

I want to say Punchy, but given how frequently I have to fetch him medicine or fruit I feel more like his mother!

Bruce and I seemed to be on the same wavelength most of the time. He even sent me his picture twice! But the second time was his goodbye letter, and we seem to have drifted apart since he moved out. I think I saw him once, on Main Street, and I was like "Is that Bruce? I think that's Bruce!" I was about to go up to him, but then realized I hadn't seen him in almost a year: if it was Bruce, he didn't drop a letter or even call me before visiting town for the first time in almost a year. I hope it wasn't Bruce, or if it was, I don't think it was the Bruce I knew.

I kind of think it might've been, though.

Sometimes in the evenings I'll head over to Phoebe's and we'll reminisce a little about the old gang: Bruce, Cheri, Bertha, Hazel and her crazy eyebrow thing, and Phoebe and me. It seems like no one stayed in touch after they moved out of town, and I guess that's okay if they're really too busy to write, but I wonder if they reminisce about us too?

The other day Phoebe said she was thinking of moving away as well, and I kind of talked her out of it, which I still feel weird about. The conversation got super awkward: at first she seemed surprised I wanted her to stick around, but after she agreed to, it was like she started pretending the whole conversation had never happened.

I really hate to think I'm the reason she's staying in town because honestly I don't know that I'm not holding her back from living her dream. On the other hand, I could be preventing her from making a terrible mistake. I just don't know. I wish Bertha were here to talk her through it; she tends to have pretty good advice in these sorts of situations. Of all of them, she's the one that surprises me most in not writing. Like: not even a Christmas card, you know?

So yeah: I guess Phoebe.

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