Which villain do you sympathize for, and why?

I'm gonna politely disagree, because as horrible as it was what Itachi was forced to do (I mean good god Third, he was a CHILD. HE WAS SIXTEEN YEARS OLD. LEAVE HIM THE FUCK ALONE!) Sasuke, definitely had it worse. He was a little kid when this all happened. His entire family, was slaughtered. Aunts, uncles, cousins, his mom and dad and Itachi was the one who took them all away... and then the village let him believe it. His own sensei, a former ANBU Black Ops member, let him believe it.

Like, if the Uchihas all had to die, that means Third would've been fine with multiple children being slaughtered too. So Itachi had to murder children too, on top of being expected to kill his baby brother.

But Third could've just apprehended the Uchihas who wanted the village gone.

Make 'em an example.

Instead, Sasuke got fucked up at EIGHT YEARS OLD if not younger and then Itachi had to live the rest of his life as a monster.

Sasuke's so screwed up, he's closer to NARUTO'S SON then he is his own child... and, if I may (forgive me, I haven't watched all of Boruto) seems like he and Sakura won't have more than Sarada maybe because Sasuke's afraid it would happen again.

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