While clutching a baby, dad joins daughter's ballerina recital to help her combat stage fright

The debate in question is whether or not the parent should have been let on stage to ease the situation. I said no because it's unprofessional for the show and it could be handled differently by the teachers. The other person said it shouldn't matter because we need to protect the child's experience. We both want to protect the child's experience but would do it in different ways.

I was told that because I'm a dance teacher, I don't understand child development. I have simply explained that it's actually a HUGE part of my job. Just because it's not my exact degree doesn't mean I can't understand it well. Curriculums, behavioral issues, social issues, classroom procedures, etc. are all done with a child's development in mind. I'm not claiming to be an expert but it is absolutely part of my job. That being said, I agree that there are bad teachers out there. There are also bad child psychologists out there, too. They are separate jobs that can lend information into the situation.

We were discussing how to handle this situation and I was told I don't know what I'm talking about because I'm "just" a dance teacher.

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