While Nancy Pelosi blocks #EmergencyUBI and #DementiaJoe stands against #M4A, Trump suspends foreclosures and evictions and wants to send direct payments to desperate Americans. Trump is going to be the most progressive candidate on the ballot. We are living in a simulation.

What the Trump administration proposed an absolutely ridiculous - that stands on its own, I don't care for<"but Obama or but this other person did the same>. He is the president now. Pelosi will do what she's always done, she's always been a useless fiscal conservative politician. There are good Dem proposals though both from the Senate mainly Sanders (Warren's even is solid leagues ahead of what Trump and these retards are proposing) but also in the House, Maxine Waters i think. But sure they both suck is you want to refer to them generically as this side and this other side, they'll play political football until their respective dumb bases sees them as liberators. Meanwhile a lot of people will suffer as a result of delays.

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