Whistleblower: Jared Kushner gave the Green Light for the Arrest of Khashoggi, and Turkey Blackmailed the US to Withdraw from Syria using the Intercepted Phonecall

Anonymous suggested Kushner had been advocating for MBS behind the scenes following Khashoggi's murder. The author wrote that Kushner told others, "You've got to see it from his perspective," referring to MBS.

To be fair, whomever this anonymous writer is they probably have a better understanding of the relationship between Kushner & MBS than most off the media. People said the same thing about BuzzFeed when they reported on the Steele dossier. In this modern era, I'm skeptical of one-off reporting, but this butt-fuckery is 100% on par for the Trump administration. Context is extremely important here, if I read an article about the Queen of England doing blow out of a hooker's asshole, I'd question it more than if Charlie Sheen was the perpetrator.

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