White beggars on the streets

You are racist

Racist is an offensive remark when used in completely idiotic manner and as a baseless accusation. Also overuse of the word makes it lose its power hurting actual victims of racism. You are an awful person.

You are still suggesting that any non Asian person in Hong Kong is an ‘outsider’ and is unwelcome

Again you demonstrate an inability to read an understand simple concepts. Everyone is welcome. They arent welcome to beg. If they are welcome to beg then why not also allow them to work at 711 and as garbage men and secretaries. Who needs a work visa anymore, go where you want, do what you want. You support that too right ? Also....... their fucking signs point THEMSELVES out as "outsiders" , they clearly state "please help fund our trip around the world". I used to ignore them but after talking to you im gonna report every single one of them, just a matter of time before youre deported :)

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