White diamond

White having a breakdown is no surprise, she's supposed to be a perfect, flawless leader and the sudden change Steven's asked of them is most definitely going to be hard af for her, hell I'd imagine its hard on all of them, yellow is bored without her army, and blue hasn't made anyone cry, they thrived off that abuse for millennias, they were planet conquering beings! Now they have to be nice, and treat others as equals and possible not destroy anymore planets (we don't know what all steven requested of them, or do we, idk)but that's hard for beings that where in power like the diamond's were and still are sorta? It was only a matter of time before one of them had a mental meltdown and white is the perfect candidate. We don't see much of what steven did to her besides give her a pinkish hue, but in a way steven shattered her. So I'm really interested to see how steven will handle her because of his sudden change in character like with shutting himself off from the gems he knows will accept and love him no matter what, to nicknaming someone that's a victim of abuse an item that's gets smacked around.

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