White guys name their wine bar "Barkada", receives backlash (I honestly don't get the outrage here. Do you guys mind weighing in?)

Hey, thanks for sharing your story!

I've completely forgotten about Caucasians telling off POCs who speak any language that isn't English. That's a very fair point. While it's sad to hear how you were basically shielded from the Filipino culture growing up, it gives someone like me an insight as to how cultural appropriation and racism are tied together. I kinda understand more where the Fil-Ams are coming from.
Admittedly, cultural appropriation isn't really something I usually hear on conversations and I haven't long enough in the US to experience racism first hand.

However, I still think this post reeks of cancel culture. Although I agree that it was poorly researched and ignorant to name their bar the way they did, I still don’t see how they deserve getting review-bombed and borderline harassed on their Facebook page.

The owners were quick enough to acknowledge their fault and didn't even try to squiggle their way out. I think they would still listen had they been reached out to in a more diplomatic manner. Whether or not it was OP's intention to urge Filipinos to gang up on them on social media, it still happened. And it didn't have to.

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