White House condemns rocket attacks launched from Gaza towards Israel

This is the exact point regarding an appropriate response though.

Hamas are firing rudimentary bottle rockets that are so poorly made they're just as likely to strike down on Gaza. Any that do make it over into Israel are more than likely going to be either destroyed by missile defences or land harmlessly.

Israel are responding to this by striking back with multi-million dollar cutting-edge arms.

Hamas is the equivalent of an annoying 6-year old in the park, poking you in the leg with a stick they found. Israel is the 40 year old man who responds by smacking the kid as hard as he can in the face with a baseball bat. He then defends that action by saying "Guess I'm just better at defending myself".

Hamas are basically an un-educated militia based in what's little more than a ghetto, using civilians as cover for engaging in guerilla warfare against Israel.

Israel purports to be a respectable, world leading democracy. They aren't acting like one by getting in tit-for-tat with Hamas and using their multi-billion dollar military to kill civilians.

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