White influencer identifies as Korean after 18 Surgeries

Trans people often experience gender dysphoria. Dysphoria is basically extreme discomfort due to the sex characteristics they are born with. And the treatment for dysphoria is transitioning. I'm trans. I was officially diagnosed with dysphoria at age 16, when I started therapy. With the help of my therapist and doctors, I started testosterone when I was 18. And I've had a mastectomy and hysterectomy. I was very suicidal before due to my dysphoria but I'm totally comfortable now. And my insurance covered everything since it is a medical condition that I was diagnosed with. It's not easy to transition (depending on where you live). For me, I had to be diagnosed with dysphoria for at least a year before I could start testosterone. And then I had to be on testosterone for at least a year before I could get any kind of surgery. And I was still in therapy even after my hysterectomy. My doctors and therapist had to make sure that they agreed that transitioning was the best treatment plan for me. And, unlike being trans, I assume this person just has a lot of money, got a lot of plastic surgery without mental evaluation. And now he says he's Korean.

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