White Nationalists Want to March Again. Charlottesville Says No.

Without it

they don't have it now, nobody needs to make it a law. Show me a public ISIS supporter in US. ISIS has no rights in US no matter what you say.

so if you're suggesting I'm a nazi

????????? no? wtf??

even for those who don't support the constitution

and I don't, this won't be normalized, it wasn't before and it won't be now, don't waste your breath.

rights for those we like and support - but not for those we don't

wrong, this isn't about like or dislike. I hate no one but the person that hates without reason. I have a reason, now explain to me what the legitimate reason for Nazis is. go on, go in to detail what makes people Nazis hate worse than them.

That's not what our constitution is about.

argument for the sake of winning, good job! I wonder how you would treat a Nazi on a street when you met him.

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