Whitewashing a character is not okay and considered racist by some, but blackwashing characters isn't?

Coming from a black guy,

I think one major thing that needs to be recognized is that when a lot of these classic characters were created, 95 percent of them were created to be straight white men.

That doesnt mean that I myself wouldnt prefer a character like Superman to look white, but it should probably be acknowledged that he was created in a time period when the creators would never have thought to make him into a person of color.

Sure, Jerry Siegel and Jerome Shuster were immigrants themselves, but Superman was still a white looking character.

The strongest argument for why blackwashing isnt on the same level as whitewashing is because most of history favors people who appear white.

So while I disagree with changing certain characters' races...I do not see blackwashing on the same level of whitewashing.

The playing field has just never been equal.

Again, this is coming from someone who doesnt think that changing characters' races is an inherently good thing.

I'm just pointing out something that seems to be unnoticed in a lot of conversations about this.

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