Who all is running for MSA president?

hey there, someone who works with Mina here... I won't say anything about the other candidates but I feel obligated to defend her (and Jael by extension). 1) it's pretty rude to publicly call someone out by name on such a public platform as this. Regardless of your feelings of her, she's a human too who faces a ton of criticism for being in such a public role 2) Mina has been by my side every step of the way this year, supported me completely, 100% worked to change msa culture that has been SUPER toxic in the past, and tried super hard to fix a lot of broken relationships in our org. I'm sorry you've had that experience with her, but I value her a lot as a close friend and coworker, and I know she has my back without a doubt in any situation. I won't make this a book because I know most people don't give a fuck, but if you ask anyone around her, I think you'll find a deeply caring person who truly cares about students

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