Who are the Palestinians and what do they have to do with Phoenicians, Sea Peoples, and Mycaneans?

What this article demonstrates is that there is a strong genetic commonality between the Palestinians and the other peoples of the greater mediterranean basin. Can you explain to me specifically how this point is bad history or bad science? The question at hand is 'who are the Palestinians and what do they have to do with predecessor groups in the region', which is precisely what the article addresses.

Surely there is a link with the (peninsular) Arabs as well. If that is what the OP was asking for, then your post would be somewhat more relevant. The fact that this was not addressed does not invalidate the genetic relation between Palestinians and other mediterranean groups. Neither I nor the authors posit that this one study provides a comprehensive and conclusive end all synopsis of the Palestinian people.

But the main contention I had with the deleted post and also yours is that 'Arab' is NOT a genetic or ethnic designation. Arabs are a pan-ethnic group primarily linked by a common linguistic and cultural tradition. The people of Palestine still do to this day identify as Arabs as well as Palestinian...the two terms are not mutually exclusive. Furthermore, I really don't see what the politics of their self-identification has to do with their genetic composure. If you look to Egypt, you can see that despite arabization, the people of Egypt remain largely the same (genetically) as they always were. Same with Anatolia and the Turks. You can see where this is going.

What is your argument exactly? That Palestinians are just displaced (Peninsular) Arabs with no tangible link to the Levant beyond some Arab nationalist plot? That would be wrong, as the article I linked demonstrates. Unless there was some radical genetic shift in their population in the last 14 (happy new years y'all!) years, this article being slightly dated makes little difference.

I would like more clarification on your points cus I don't understand your argument at all, or how this article is 'bad science and bad history all together.' I think you are misinterpreting the articles claims&purpose. And btw, that claim isn't that there is no Arab input in the ethnic composition of Palestinians. Only that generally, Palestinians have much overlap with other Levantine/Mediterranean peoples.

From your own link:

The PCA analysis, a method I view as somewhat weak but with some utility, again shows Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews as spanning the gulf between European and Middle Eastern populations.

So basically, the picture that you allege is more in touch with reality regarding Palestinians not only isn't about the Palestinians in the first place (unlike the study I linked), but is critically received by the author of your own link. Im failing to see how that blog refutes this article, if anything it seems like it corroborates Arnaiz-Villenia's data....on Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

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