who are your top 5 WRS in the nfl right now

AB is faster than CJ

Um, no. CJ's running ability is unparalleled due to the fact his leg stride is so huge. CJ can get open before the defense even knows the ball was snapped, it usually takes Brown a little longer.

You could definitely argue hands, but you're out of your mind thinking Brown is more elusive after the catch. And let's not act like CJ isn't a monster at route running, this is the guy who made two Giants defenders defending him run into each other on a simple cross-route.

and far more consistent from game to game.

CJ has Stafford throwing to him. Brown has a future HOFer. Stafford is the one that's inconsistent.

I'll repeat what I said before (since it was such a good argument)

This comment doesn't make much sense to me. He doesn't make as many crazy catches (i.e, double/triple coverage) because he can't. He's not that type of receiver. Calvin's ability to catch balls that have no right to get caught is unparalleled, and you can't just mark that off as "Oh, Brown can't do that, no biggy". The reason Calvin is so ubiquitously put at the forefront of receiving talent is because he possesses a skill that very few receivers have.

If we're talking about pure athleticism, CJ beats Brown by a country mile. Taller, stronger, harder, faster. He's the nigga Daft Punk wrote that song about.

It's fine if you think Brown is better than CJ, that's to be expect from a Steeler's fanboy. But when push comes to shove, CJ is the one making the freak catches, the triple-coverage catches, turning twenty yard plays home, carrying a barren Lions offense on his back (just this year CJ finally got a good WR2. And the Lions still have shit-all for a run game.

Let's put it simply: CJ is one of those non-qb players (Watt, Gronk, Sherman) that teams have to specifically plan for. To specifically manipulate the defense so they have a hope stopping him. Brown just isn't that player. And because he has a better QB throwing to him, because his team actually has a running game to open up the passing game, and because he plays for an offense with so much talent the defense can't just cover him, he's going to produce more. But as Manning and Luck have shown this year, producing the best stats doesn't make you the best QB.

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