Who is better overall, Chris Jericho or CM Punk?

2009 was a great year for Punk. And if you're taking points off for not main eventing every single PPV or being THE top star then how can you give Jericho 20 good years? He was a midcarder for 98% of his WWE run. Jericho only main evented 30 PPV main events over 18 years. When you take out Royal Rumble matches and other multi-man gimmick matches he doesn't have a lot at all. Punk has 24 in just 7 years, a way higher ratio.

I'm a way bigger fan of Jericho than Punk but Punk was legit the number two star in the company for a good couple years. Jericho has arguably never been in the top 5. In the attitude era he was behind Rock/Austin/HHH/Taker/Foley. Ruthless Aggression he was behind Cena/Batista/Orton/Lesnar/Edge. His latest runs he was behind Punk/Bryan/Reigns/Rollins/Ambrose.

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