Who is the biggest train-wreck in your family?

My family lol. Not being a trainwreck is rarer. One of my grandmother's has gone crazy. My mom is narcissistic. Both my parents were too focused on their careers when they raised us, (father would go on month long trips consistently and we'd see mother only after 5pm) and we ended up being locked in the house most of the time. I'm an antisocial useless peice of garbage that doesn't even try to make it through college. My sister is a drug addict.

My aunt married a peice of shit, that went jobless, had 2 kids together. Then they divorced and he doesn't talk to my cousins, and actually blamed them for his scum attitude. My aunt doesn't care for them either and they're pretty much on their own for support.

Only 1/3 of the family somehow made it to be amazing. They have a house my uncle built, after retiring from military. My other aunt who's the wisest woman I've ever met. And 4 disciplined kids, all going with relative success in life. They call me often to spend time with them, and I do, as they're very pleasant to be around. I'd think they'd cut me off more. Bless these people.

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