Who is a character who you CAN'T stand from a series you like, but everyone else seems to love?

Naruto stopped him from being hunted by the village, even as he was actively killing innocents

Naruto didn't do that. Also, Sasuke wasn't "actively killing innocents" in early Shippuden. Yes he went to Orochimaru, but there is no evidence of him killing a single person under him. What we do have are flashbacks of Sasuke refusing to kill people and Orochimaru calling him "soft" for it. He used Orochimaru, then killed him, and freed all his prisoners.

But Naruto and Sakura defended him until the bitter end.

Nah, Sakura gave up on him in the 5-kage-summit arc. She tried to kill him. She lied to Naruto so he would give up on the promise. The reason Naruto doesn't give up on Sasuke is because he wanted to end the feud between their reincarnations, and break the Cycle of Hatred.

2 encounters with Itachi and he was a dick in both.

Itachi was the culprit of the massacre. You expect Sasuke not to be a "dick" to him? Itachi is the reason Sasuke even betrayed his village. He tortured him on their first encounter in the original series.

Then, at the end, when it finally seems he’s come around after teaming up to take down he big bad, what does he do? When the potential for world peace is finally here? He decides he’s still a dick and attacks the only person who’s always defended him, causing both of them to lose a limb. Like wtf? That was the final fight, bro! You won. You could have just left it there, and maybe people would have forgotten about the years of you being a dick with no apology, but no, he had to get one final temper tantrum in. He had to make that grab for all the power.

Bad writing. Kishimoto planned to end the manga with a final battle between Naruto and Sasuke. The reason was very forced.

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