Who else is getting ff7r tomorrow?

I won’t lie this is one of the few times I might break my own rules. I don’t like EGS, I don’t like their business practices and I hate Deneuvo.

That being said, FF7 is the one good memory I have of my mom, we shared a save file and grinder together until we beat the game, even though my interest in those genre games have wained, my love for FF will always remain because of our bond with it.

I’m getting older, my memory of her is fading and I’m not even sure I’ll be around long enough to wait for all of the pets let alone waiting for Steam.

I don’t know, I’ve always held firm by my beliefs, I’ve always tried to avoid shitty business practices, but this to me is more than a stupid game, it’s something, a feeling I’m dying to relive just to feel close to her again.

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