Who got you into Movies?

I said this before but I went to see Enemy Mine. This was my first movie in the movie theater. It was the #1 movie in my area... which was the Soviet Union towards the end of the Cold War. The reason why it was #1 is because it's a clash of civilizations movie. It was a movie about two sides of a conflict getting along for mutual survival.

It was a way for us to see the Americans as regular people and although they're strange (what with their Mickey Mouse), they're still good people and we should cooperate and work together because to do otherwise would mean mutual destruction. Contrary to the propaganda, the government felt that this movie should be seen and although I never hated the Americans, the lesson stuck with me for all my life where it helps to see everyone - including our modern enemies - with a critical eye rather than trust the government to tell you who to hate and why.

I only saw this movie once and I still remember it to this day. I actually looked it up a few weeks ago and I bought it. I rewatched it again and I was surprised by how much I remembered all the scenes.

Although it has slow parts, the movie is wonderful and even the effects still hold up for the most part.

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