Who is "that guy/girl" you work with?

John. He's your stereotypical neckbeard. Just imagine all the caricatures of neckbeards you've seen online. That is exactly how he looks.

He has the simplest job in the restaurant (prepping pre-prepared foods), yet he still finds a way to fuck it up every single day, leaving another employee to fix his mistakes on top of their duties.

Conversation with John is torture. Not that anyone actually goes out of their way to talk to him, he just butts into other peoples' conversation with either these grandiose stories of his heroic antics that are so obviously made up, or some extremely negative bullshit about whatever you're trying to talk about. You could be talking about what a nice day it is, and he'd tell you that "yesterday was nicer" and you're stupid for even implying such a comparison.

He's also vocal about his disdaine for women. According to him, all women are evil manipulators. One day, a couple of guys were talking sports and one of them mentioned a player who was being accused of rape. John butts in and informs them that "most women love to lie about rape so they can get money and play the victim".

Our deli workers' (all women) station is closest to the dish pit, so according to John, it's the deli girls' job to wash his dishes. In our kitchen, your dishes are your responsibility. But that doesn't fly with John, because he's a man, and he shouldn't have to do dishes. He makes sure to make a huge mess every day, dirtying every dish and cutting board he can get his hands on, and leaving it for the deli girls to clean up, because "dishes are a women's job."

I do not like John. There is nothing about him to like. He is all around unpleasant. I wish he'd just shut up and portion chicken fingers in silence.

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