Who here can relate?

My father was so scary jealous I was afraid if I had a bf he might.. you know. (I’m sorry I’m actually getting help for this and this comment I didn’t expect to illuminate some stuff I never thought of sabotogize as jealous but just insecurity. I’ve been invalidated that this shit is real and really happened all the time so this jusf is validation . I literally had to hide my Keys when I moved out so he wouldn’t make copies I didn’t want him coming after me. ) jealous men are scary why do they claim jealous women are scary?? I’m seldom terrified of a jealous woman. Jealous women can be mean, they can be but jealous men are scary. Sabotogizing your entire life and someone’s happiness is taking it too far but they will do that. Some men are so jealous their only happiness is taking someone else’s away.

Sociopathic men will even be jealous of animals and toddlers for getting more attention than them.

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