Who likes Germany? (2019 poll PEW research center)

Every country has issues with their economy (including Germany and Northern Europe), it is expectable that poorer countries will have higher levels of corruption. However, by being part of the euro and forced to do austerity, most of these countries were left without any ways to do get out of the crisis. And they only did later on when Mario Draghi changed course of the ECB and saved the euro by lowering interest rates for all countries.

What I literally don't understand why Germans solely are blamed for the Euro. Especially in the context of austerity. The French blackmailed the German unification by forcing the common currency. The EMU/Euro.

The Euro was a 1-2 play by Mitterrand and Kohl. Sensible countries like the Netherlands strongly opposed the euro but had to cave against the French and Germans. The Dutch even went so far as actually opposing German unification before getting silenced by bigger countries.

The countries greedy for money didn't see the trap they where falling into, and now decades later suffered tremendously.

Maybe I am wrong, but I still see the Euro as a French ploy and the Germans less as the main culprit because naturally they desired their countries to reunite again.

How come this course of history is now so diluted that people leave out 'details' like reunification and point to Germany as the culprit?

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