Who likes the guys a little less after Smartless?

They got 60-80 million dollars for 3 years with their Spotify deal. They are super rich celebs who “interview”their friends, who don’t prepare and they still got this deal. I still find them funny and charming but I’m sure their days are numbered for me. I was aware of who they were but randomly started listening during Covid. The only other celeb podcast I’ve stuck with this long are the always sunny guys and Maron. Every single other celeb podcast (sorry Conan and Dax!) I stopped listening to after a while because their schtick can’t last that long and it’s so obvious they live in a different world it stops being fun. I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this but also keep in mind even if they are trying to come across as relatable fun guys they made 60 to 80 MILLION DOLLARS And this is just as produced as any network show you would watch.

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