Who have you met or known that ended up being dangerous or committing a major crime?

I used to be really really social before and not picky at all. Have hung out with all kinds of people. This one time I was at a friend's terrace. Doing the usual weed and whiskey thing. And I was very young then. There were like 12-15 of us. Then a group of people enter. Someone knew one of them and he got his friends along. One of them was a Muslim guy (others in his group might be too but I never talked to anyone else). Now I have this uncanny thing where people just reveal shit to me even before knowing me completely. I can gain trust very quickly. So after a few hours, I find myself hanging out with this guy by myself. He didn't drink but he was stoned on weed and I was fucked up on everything that was being passed around. Out of nowhere he says, "you wanna know something? I'm being investigated for 9/11". I couldn't make out if he was sad about it or proud but he had a mild smirk on his face. Never have I been sober that fast after being fucked up. But at this point of time I'm completely weirded out and scared. I wanted to know if he was bullshitting or not so I probed further. He said how the FBI came and took him away and questioned him and his brothers and stuff and that he isn't allowed to leave the state, etc. He also said he might be charged with something. All along, he acted as if he's talking about some minor incident where he was caught smoking weed or something like that. Luckily, he left with his group a short while after that. I still get creeped out thinking about this and that almost never happens to me. This was back in early 2002. I don't know if he was guilty or what happened to him but fuck!!!

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