Who is the most toxic person you've ever met?

This bastard I went to school with. He never really bothered me because I convinced him that I was scary enough to leave alone. For some reason he was popular despite the fact that he was little more than a monster.

He and his friends tricked a special needs girl into believing that they all loved her and they all wanted to have sex with her. Then they convinced her to do things to show her affection such as cutting a pentagram into her palm and performing an occult ritual during lunch.

He also tormented his own grandmother who was a teacher there. He actually got her fired because of his evil he was towards her. He broke her stuff in the class, broke other students projects, and threatened to do more if she wouldn't let us watch Madagascar 2 for the rest of the year. She tried sending him to the principal's office but that didn't help. I had to watch Madagascar 2 every day for an entire semester.

He sold drugs around town and he was caught with a bag full of narcotics that were divided into individual baggies. He was arrested but later let off the hook (this is common in my town as the judges do not actively pursue justice for real criminals, only truants warrant the full force of the law. I wish I was kidding but I am not) and he still sells drugs around town but the cops know that if they arrest him he will simply be released by our town judge.

His bullying undoubtedly led to the suicides of fellow students but the teachers and police refused to help the victims. One girl literally left our school because he kept harassing her about her personal life.

He is the most vile person I have met and I am disgusted that he is untouchable.

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