who needs dps when there’s mercio

okay so for those saying im smurfing, im really not. im a healer main. i wanted to make an account dedicated to healing only and playing heals majority of the time if im able to. people usually see my gt and let me heal, which im actually really good at, thank you very much. this is me just having FUN (seems like some of you don’t know what that is). this was quickplay obviously and i just wanted to mess around this ONE GAME, i don’t do this every time. i would never do this in comp unless im able to bc i know when to switch from heals to battle mercy if im ever put in that situation, but i am always aware of my teammates and their health. plus i thought this was funny, lmfao. yeah they’re probably a lower skill level than i am but i didn’t ask to be put into this lobby, it’s only because we’re around the same level since this was a new account. once im able to play comp im not going to be “losing” or “throwing” games on purpose, im going to play how i play and most likely land in the same tier as my main account.

just enjoy the video and laugh, that’s all.

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