Who is paying for the distribution of antivax pamphlets?

Domestically, the money could be coming from donations to Advance NZ and the Outdoors Party / Sue Greys legal fees to clients. They have all been involved as far as I know. Another prominent person involved with the distribution of the pamphlets is Claire Deeks, I assume she will have some money from MLM sales.
I wouldn't be surprised if there was international money or coordination behind it though:
David Farrier and co report on Bannon's NZ media
Graphika report on Bannon's worldwide media (features NZ)

​His media empire pushes anti vax conspiracies and anti CCP stuff while also targetting anti CCP Chinese activists, while promoting a "New Federal State of China"

No ties directly to pamphlets that I have seen but he has had Jamie Lee Ross (Advance NZ) and Elliot Ikilei (New Conservatives) on his show.

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