Who is a player that you originally disliked, but then ended up appreciating/enjoying watching them? What caused you to change your opinion on that player?

I’m a big advanced stats guy so I used to not like Westbrook. I remember during his MVP season too I would always tell my friends Harden should have won it (which would honestly have been ridiculous now thinking about it Westbrook’s season is the one that will be remembered in history)

I think over the years through I’ve come to just appreciate his approach to life in general though. His game is still inefficient sometimes but I respect the way he approaches everything he does with complete effort and confidence, while still being liked my his teammates. Even when he’s shooting 17/47 from the field or whatever I think he’s fascinating to watch just because of his intensity, but before I would’ve said he was frustrating.

Also advanced stats are good and all but basketball is entertainment and watching Westbrook’s maniac intensity is exhilarating

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