Who Should I use Curse mark Sasuke or Naruto NO. 1 Maverick ( Phantom Castle)

if your naruto is only limit broken to 115, i would say hrt sasuke since naruto's dmg would be lacking. but if you can manage to limit break your naruto even further, lets say 135+, then i would consider using naruto.

1) he has mid range which is really important now since the AI have god aim so you can position yourself better and not get hit + you are able to contribute more combination attacks.

2) even though sasuke hits harder than naruto with his jutsu, it costs 1 more chakra so you could probably only use it once while naruto's jutsu costs 4 and replenishes +1 chakra to everyone (assuming you do a combo attack) so you could probably use it twice in a round and gives your other characters more chance to pull off an extra jutsu.

3) naruto has a decent field skill - boost atk - which is really good for phantom castle, while sasukes field skill is very lackluster in comparison.

overall, if you can limit break your naruto further id say use naruto, if not then use sasuke. i have both units and i will be using naruto as my hrt unit.

hope this helps

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