Who do you want to shout out?

Thank you :) and honestly, almost everything. It's like I was wearing tinted glasses my whole life and now that I've finally taken them off the world seems so much more colorful and bright. Like a huge weight has been lifted. I'm not scared to speak up for myself anymore, and my future seems exciting for the first time in years. It's like every decision I made beforehand was always a way of avoiding my problems and pain, and in retrospect, it was like I was playing myself because I was the cause of those problems. They had outside sources but I magnified them through my interpretation and reaction to them. I was the biggest problem in my life and when I first realized that, it made my depression worse initially but it eventually became freeing. I realized that I was only ever as stressed as I wanted to be. The world might present me with circumstances but only I can determine what those things mean to me. I'm the only person who can control my reactions and responses

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