Who is you single favorite gaming journalist and/or reviewer?

None. At all. Not Indie, not journalist, not Internet reviewer.

I used to follow Yahtzee until he started to really repeat his jokes and stopped really actually talking about the games each week, just making jokes. I compare him to Top Gear - its a show that's nominally about cars/games but is really just about making jokes based on that premise.

So i followed TB for a small while, however, i very quickly grew tired of his know-everything attitude to games - which came to a head when he discussed Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army, calling it something along the lines of "Complete and utter crap, anyone who plays and enjoys this game is an idiot, and shouldnt call themselves gamers." When i called him out on this, i was told in no understated circumstances to leave the community, as people like me were not welcome. I also dislike how he hails himself as some leader for the Indie Gaming Market, or something. Really pissed me off last year when Assassins Creed Unity was so panned by youtube critics that people consider it the worst game of that year, and not what it rightfully is - one of the better ones.

So i jumped again and joined up with Angry Joe. Generally speaking, i have nothing wrong with Joe. He makes really good, solid points that i agree with, and makes great effort to point out good parts in bad games, even if it doesnt matter to his final rating. His Rome 2 review is fantastic in this way, as he does point out that the game has some great positives as well as negatives. But i stoped watching him mainly because he doesnt release too many gaming review videos, and his other content doesnt intrest me.

Instead, i get my impressions of games from the LetsPlay crowd. For a couple years, i was real into the Yogscast and their group, but about two years ago they've settled into this pattern of "Grand Theft Auto in the morning and Minecraft Adventure Map in the afternoon." This got old really fast.

So i fall back onto the large channels that still play the AAA games. Ive gotten into Markiplier and JackSepticEye for the big releases and the funny stuff the Yogscast used to do - generally really weird games like Yandere Simulator or Subnautica.

But for everything else, i generally hang around with LPers like Quill18 and Arumba, for games that i like playing. Ive found several games from Quilly-boy alone, mainly Rimworld and Factorio, but they are generally doing something new between the livestream footage and playthroughs of EU4.

But i dont go to them for a final score, oh no. I go for the gameplay footage. Thats whats selling me games now.

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