Who was the smartest person you ever met? How did you know?

This might be a bit of a weird story but I think it belongs here,

I live in a fairly decent sized village (300~ people) in the centre of Ireland. We are a very small rural community and almost everyone here works In an agricultural related business. The thing is, everyone is super fucking smart. I see higher education mathematics degrees hanging on the walls of farmers who work with animal shit half the time. Firearms are common in this area which is not the norm for our country and they are discharged almost never. But everyone still seems to be a crack shot. Car troubles? The 67 year old shopkeeper next door can solve it within 15 mins with the most basic of tools.

Kinda fell like the odd one out. I feel like I could be smarter if I applied myself but I also can see the attraction of such a simple life

Just weird I guess

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