Who was the smartest person you ever met? How did you know?

Too late but I knew three genius kids. One kid was the dux of every subject he took in his final year. Another kid was receiving A+, A++, A+++ in writing assignments in the 8th year and transferred to an elite school, I can only assume he wrote at an academic level. The third kid was the smartest person I had ever known. He had aced every single assignment and exam he'd ever done (Essentially all A's always and moved to the top school in the country). Was on the Academy Honour Roll - top 5% of students across all year levels. Offered countless scholarships. He is multilingual, had almost perfect SAT scores, and has won Chinese speaking competitions. He came first in national physics and chemistry competitions as well as achieving perfect scores (100%). Also skilled in athletics, tennis, guitar (he was the only 8th grader in an ensemble of 12th-grade guitarists).

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